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Is Your Spectrum Internet Running Slow? – Speed Up The Connection!

One thing is being common nowadays among Spectrum broadband users. They all are searching why is Spectrum internet so bad?

Spectrum is one of the leading broadband internet service providers of USA and they have millions of users who are subscribed to their broadband internet service.

Apart from that, Spectrum internet is the only way out at the South Bend area when it comes to the high-speed internet service. They are ruling that area in providing internet service for more than a decade.

But the problem is, this service is frustratingly slow, and the customer care unit hardly helps the users. Surprisingly, Spectrum is a cable company, but they do not provide cable service!

If you want a cable, you have to buy it from them only, and for a DVR, they will charge you extra bucks! In short, Spectrum internet is an underperforming service with an overpriced subscription charge. And the number of people searching why is my internet so slow all of a sudden in 2022 is increasing day by day.

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Spectrum Internet Keeps Going Out

Nowadays, why does my Spectrum internet keep going out has become a very common search term among the people of USA. People are going mad, frustrated, even angry on why is my internet so slow all of a sudden.

Using Spectrum internet now have become a horrible experience for the users. Even the customer care team does not behave with a customer properly.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Spectrum Internet Keeps Going Out

If you want to lodge a problem, you have to feel like you have been taken as a hostage when you dial the customer care service of Spectrum. Day by day, Spectrum is becoming worst when the service is concerned.

But there are issues too which can be a technical fault of the equipment you use. A bad WiFi hotspot, an overloaded WiFi network, poor WiFi hotspot strength, or even a cable fault can be the cause of falling down the internet every now and then.

Wifi Not Working With Spectrum

Here I shall tell you about the WiFi problem. If you are wondering why is my WiFi not working with Spectrum, read this section carefully.

If your WiFi router is not working with the present Spectrum internet connection you have, it could be any of the following reasons –

  • Poor DNS server
  • Faulty cable
  • Too much devices saturating the bandwidth
  • Poor WiFi signal
  • Poor WiFi signal range
  • Background programs

Now let me tell what to do in this type of cases.

First of all, turn off the WiFi and turn it on back. Choose the desired Spectrum network from the available network’s list. Make sure you are within the range of the signal.

Next, close all the programs and apps running in the background. These programs and apps snitch bandwidth and make the network slow like hell.

As the next step, see how many devices are presently connected to the same WiFi network. If there are too much devices, remove some devices and check back the speed again.

In case the problem is a poor WiFi signal, then you can try to fix it by resetting the WiFi router.

  • Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  • Go for the Your Services option.
  • Choose Internet > Experiencing Issues beside the modem/router you would like to reset.
  • Choose Reset Equipment.

And if there is a faulty cable, then it is better to contact the service provider and ask to change the cable for you.

Wifi Connected But No Internet

Is Spectrum WiFi connected but no internet your issue? Then you can check if the problem is on only one device or all the devices.

Why Is Spectrum Internet So Bad
Wifi Connected But No Internet

If this is happening on only one device, try to –

  • Reboot the device once. This clears all the glitches of the Random Access Memory (RAM) and helps to start afresh.
  • Clear the DNS cache files. The DNS caches are often become outdated and remains as a no-use element in the memory. So clearing the cache will help you to refresh the memory and restore the health of the device.
  • Disable any third party antivirus program. Sometimes third party antivirus programs prevent devices to access the internet network, so disabling these can help you.

If the problem is happening on all devices, then you can –

  • Check whether you have paid the internet bills or not.
  • Check if there is an outage of service in your area or not.
  • Check all the internet equipment of yours thoroughly.
  • Contact customer support team.

Speed Up Spectrum Internet

Here I shall tell you how to speed up Spectrum internet. Frankly speaking, it will be really frustrating for me if I pay for 300mbps but internet is slow.

But you know, there are procedures by which you can speed up the connection. Let me tell you about them one by one.

  • Place the modem at right place

Make sure you place the modem and the WiFi router at the center of the house. If you do this, the signal can be distributed evenly to all over the place, and you can get a better speed.

  • Avoid signal broker

Try to place the modem and the router at such a place where there are less walls that can come between the router and your device.

Walls can be a hectic signal broker as they prevent internet signals to reach your device. Also, try to keep the router away from wireless telephones, headphone, etc.

Keep rebooting the modem and the router each time after a specific time period.

  • Modem Not Connecting

Is Spectrum modem won’t connect your problem? Then look below to get the solution!

If your Spectrum modem is online and still not connecting, then check whether there is any cable fault or not. If that fails, try to remove some devices that are already connected to the network. If that fails too, try to fix this problem by relocating the modem and resetting the network.

  • Speed Test

Now I am going to tell you about internet speed test.

You must wonder what is Spectrum speed test? Or even is Spectrum speed test accurate?

Spectrum speed test is an online test where you can check how much speed is your internet giving to you. The default download speed is 100 Mbps for Spectrum internet, and the default upload speed is 10 Mbps for the same connection.

To run a speed test, you can always visit the official site of Spectrum and run a test.

And to answer the second question, yes, Spectrum speed tests are trustworthy when it comes to the download and upload speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Does The Spectrum Internet Keep Dropping?

A faulty cable, a poor signal, a poor WiFi range, lot of connected devices, or much more apps are running in the background can drop your internet down.

  • Is Spectrum Internet Good Or Bad?

It depends on the user. But generally, a lot of people are complaining about the service of Spectrum internet. According to them, the connection is extremely bad, and when they try to talk to the customer care service, they do not respond properly.

  • Why Is The Internet So Slow Today 2021?

You must have connected too many devices on the same network, or the signal coming from the router is poor, or there is a faulty cable, or there might have too much apps running in the background, or the WiFi range is poor.

  • How Can I Make My Spectrum Wifi Better?

Try to reduce the number of connected devices to the network, place the WiFi router at the center of the house, keep it away from the signal brokers like wireless headphones and telephones, and keep resetting the router after a certain time period.


I hope I have cleared all the questions of yours related to Spectrum internet being slow. I think after reading this article, you can fix your slow internet issues by your won. All the best!

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