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Why Do People Call Litecoin the Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold?

Litecoin uses the same protocol like Bitcoin. And this protocol can Affect Costco’s Business; it is using peer-to-peer price exchange at extremely economical rates. This cryptocurrency was established by Charlie Lee who was a former employee of Google Company. This coin received huge hype and one of the main reasons behind all this hype was it was based on bitcoin’s source code. 

The crypto asset Litecoin was created and structured to be utilized for budget-friendly transactions. The primary goal behind this cryptocurrency was to be a digital asset that is more efficient in daily use. In contrast to all this, Bitcoin was being used as an investment for long-term purposes. As per the reports, the coin limit market capitalization of Litecoin is dramatically higher than Bitcoin. Also, the procedure of mining is speedier in Litecoin than in Bitcoin. This tells us that the transactions are quicker and economical though smaller in size. 

Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin is also a type of digital currency. It is also based on blockchain technology. This crypto platform is widely used for transferring money and funds between people and businesses without any intermediary. This act shows that the public ledger of all the transactions made is properly tracked and recorded. Furthermore, it allows the currency to run a completely decentralized system of payment without any sort of interference from the government. 

Litecoin in Detail

Until the year 2017, Litecoin has been in the list of top five cryptocurrencies in the world. When the founder and creator of Litecoin LTC Charlie Lee stated in public that he had sold all his holdings of LTC to properly focus on its development, its price dropped significantly. 

This cryptocurrency is also known as Bitcoin Lite as it was based on the Bitcoin protocol. It aims to offer good quality and easy utilities than the leading crypto assets. It mainly focuses on faster speed, better security, and cheaper rates of transactions. Not to forget that Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the crypto world. It has been noted that this cryptocurrency has benefited the user community more than Bitcoin is below given aspects. 

Better Hard Cap

The total supply of Litecoin LTC is hard-capped at around 84 million which is significantly quite huge as it is four times (4x) of Bitcoin’s 21 million total supply 

Faster Block Transaction

If we compare the block transaction time of Litecoin with Bitcoin, Litecoin wins. The blockchain transaction time of Litecoin is 2.5 minutes while on the other hand, Bitcoin takes 10 minutes for a blockchain transaction. 

Lightning Upgrade

Litecoin has also activated its Lightning Network upgrade way before Bitcoin did. Lightning Network is an incorporated layer-2 scaling solution for crypto platforms. 

The Working of Litecoin

Litecoin is a platform where creation, as well as the transfer of crypto assets, take place through open source, cryptographic protocol. This platform is based on blockchain technology and utilizes it to record a decentralized public ledger of all transactions.

Understanding Blockchain

The blockchain is a joint digital register that stores and keeps the record of all Litecoin transactions. The crypto transactions are assembled into blocks by miners. After that, blocks are then cryptographically held prior to getting connected to the already existing blockchain. Just like this, blockchain technology is used for a variety of cryptocurrencies including Litecoin and Bitcoin. 

Understanding Mining

When people hear the word mining they get confused. The mining done in the crypto world is quite different from the mining people think it is. Mining is the procedure of holding every block to the already existing blockchain. This requires a particular software known as mining software. When a block is safely held, new units of crypto are released. Miners have the authority to introduce these units back into the crypto market. 


Litecoin LTC is known as one of the most widely accepted and adopted crypto assets in the world. More than 2,000 e-commerce stores and traders have accepted LTC tokens in the August of 2021. Having almost zero transaction charges and speedy transaction outcomes truly makes Litecoin LTC token a profitable and faster payment solution. Due to all these extraordinary features, it becomes much better than many cryptocurrencies and crypto networks that are existing today in the crypto world. 

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