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Top Reasons To Unlock An Iphone & How To Confirm If Its Unlocked

Most iPhones are locked to a single network, such as AT&T or Verizon. Since you’ve bought a locked phone, you cannot easily switch your network carrier unless you’ve unlocked your device. You can learn the right steps to unlock your iPhone by clicking setapp.com.

If you’ve not thought of unlocking your device before, here are some compelling reasons why you must consider doing so. For starters, it opens a whole new window of opportunity for you and the way you use your device.

You Can Access Cheaper Network Plans

Today, iPhones are available on a variety of pre-paid networks. But the cheapest networks still do not have partnerships or plans with Apple.

MVNOs or Mobile virtual network operators are cellular carriers that pay a small fee to operate on a major carrier’s network without owning the towers. Therefore, MVNOs have less overhead than the major carriers, and they usually offer more creative and cheaper data plans. So, by switching to an MVNO, you can reduce your monthly phone bills.

You Can Use Your Device Universally

Unlocking your iPhone means you can use your device anywhere in the world. It means you can take any SIM card from any country and use it with your device. As a result, you can avoid roaming charges and other charges your carrier company levies.

You Can Switch Carriers Without Any Hassle And Without Paying Termination Fees

iPhones are incredibly fast and known for many wonderful things, but inexpensive is not on the list. So, when you’re buying a locked iPhone, you are tying yourself to a single network. You cannot switch the network carrier whenever you please. If you do, you have to pay a hefty termination fee. However, an unlocked iPhone doesn’t come with such issues. You can quickly and instantly switch carriers whenever you find other networks are offering better data plans and reduced charges.

So, How Do You Check Whether You’ve Bought A Locked Or Unlocked Iphone? Here Are Three Surefire Ways.

  1. Check In iPhone Settings

Checking in the iPhone Settings menu is one of the easiest ways to confirm whether your iPhone is unlocked. First, you need to open Settings > select Mobile Data > select Mobile Data options > find the option Mobile Data Network or Cellular Data Network > if you can see an option for Cellular or Mobile Data Network, it means your iPhone is unlocked because this option doesn’t appear on locked devices.

  1. Check Using A SIM Card

You need to have two SIM cards to check if your iPhone is unlocked. So first, ensure the two cards belong to different networks. Then, follow these steps:

  • Call someone using the current SIM card and ensure the call connects.
  • Switch off your iPhone by holding the sleep or wake button. Then, eject the current SIM card and insert another one. Turn on your iPhone.
  • Call someone using the new SIM card and ensure the call connects.

If the call connects using both SIM cards, it means your iPhone is unlocked.

  1. Check Using An IMEI Service

Every phone has an IMEI number. The number gives all the information regarding a device. You’ll find several online services that scan massive databases of IMEI numbers. You can use such services to determine whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked. The only drawback is they are paid services. While free services are available, they are not always trustworthy.

To check using an IMEI service, you need to find the most reliable service. IMEI info is a trusted service and offers free and paid options. You can also check out IMEI24. After you’ve selected the IMEI service, here’s what you need to do.

  • Tap Settings on your iPhone > select General > scroll down to find the IMEI number. The number will appear below the Wi-Fi address, serial number, and Bluetooth information.
  • Enter the IMEI number into the search bar of your chosen IMEI service.
  • Click on Check and fill out all the verification information the website demands. Then, the service will attempt to match the IMEI number with its stored databases. You will be able to get a lot of information regarding your phone, including the date of production, whether it is unlocked or not, etc. Moreover, it will let you know if the device was stolen.

Besides these, you can contact your carrier and have them check whether your handset is locked or not. However, this is a time-consuming process, and it may take days before your carrier gets back to you.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to explore a world of opportunities with your iPhone? If so, the first step is to unlock your iPhone.

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