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Onlyfans has its own app. But there is no adult content

OnlyFans is a great way to make some extra money. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. You can post whatever content you want, and your fans will pay you for it. If you’re not sure what OnlyFans is, think of it as a cross between Patreon and Instagram.

Everyone has surely heard of one of the most well-known social networks, on which adult content is usually found. On this platform, there are many models, who publish their racy photos for a monthly membership. If you have a favorite category, you can also use onlyfans profile finder. One problem that arises here is whether there is a mobile app for such a controversial social network. Well, there is, but there is one small catch –  If you want to view adult content on Onlyfans, you have no choice, but to use your browser. 

The only way to access OnlyFans on an iOS device is through the Safari web browser. When you try to visit the OnlyFans website on a mobile device, you’ll be redirected to the Safari app. While this isn’t ideal, it does give you access to all of the content that you would normally see on the app. The downside is that it isn’t as user-friendly and can be a bit more challenging to navigate. Overall, though, it is still a functional way to use OnlyFans if you don’t have any other options. If you are an Android user, you unfortunately don’t have any way to access OnlyFans at all. Google requires a much stricter policy when it comes to adult content and doesn’t allow any apps that are primarily focused on 18+ material.

Onlyfans has its own app. But there is no adult content
Onlyfans has its own app. But there is no adult content

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No erotic content can be found in the app

There is an app by Onlyfans on Google play and the Apple store called OFTV, but it doesn’t contain the basic content that the social network is known for. So, you won’t see any naked people in this app. At most, in underwear or swimwear. This app is meant for musicians, chefs, fitness trainers, comedians, and other creatives to share their work without any explicit content. There are also the best OnlyFans accounts from OnlyFans, who are featured on the app, but they do not engage in any sexual activities. The app’s gallery features a selection of free OnlyFans accounts from more popular creators. The advantage is that if you are a fan of OnlyFans, but on the other hand you don’t like the erotic content that is widely found on it, then the app is the right place for you. 

How can I download the app?

It’s quite simple. On your mobile phone, you open Google Play or the Apple store and find OFTV. Then you just download the app to your mobile phone, log in and you can watch the actual content that exists on that app. 

How can I download onlyfans app?
How can I download onlyfans app?

The principle on which OnlyFans works is definitely good and fair to content creators, that people pay a monthly subscription if they want to see their work. On the other hand, this platform does not ban adult content and therefore a lot of half-naked models and sex workers appear on it and other creators are at a disadvantage. So at least through this app they have an “advantage” over most models on the scene.

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