The no man’s sky chromatic metal is one of the initially made awkward resources which are found in the recently updated versions of the game. This resource is very important in many different types of tasks which in included portable equipment and repairing it.

The drop tools and the crafting technology and it is useful to have a resource. The player needs to put together a quick guide and it helps in how to get chromatic metal.

What is chromatic metal no man’s sky?

Chromatic metal is an intermediately important resource in the no man’s sky which is used in a large variety of things which is used in the earlier steps of fixing your ship and to the late crafting and the drop pod hunting.

It cannot be found in the naturally available resources which need to be crafted and bought. If the player is trying to find the resource then they need to set the goal which is supplied only in the small containers.

If the user flushes then the cash and the resource is available on sale and the park at Space stations and the Trade posts.

The most reliable and efficient and there is a craft involved to load in a bulk and then it is stored intelligently which can either be in a high-capacity Exo-suit inventory and then they find the easier access to the Freighter.

How to make chromatic metal in no man’s sky?

The no mans sky chromatic metal becomes very important once the player starts playing in the final update and the player needs to figure out the craft by themselves.

The process of crafting the chromatic metal is comparatively easy to perform and the steps to do so are mentioned below-

Placing the copper in a refinery with the craft and fuel

1. Mining copper, cadmium, emeril or Indium

Copper is one of the most common resources which is found in ground-level deposits and is found on most planetary surfaces. The player can use the Analysis visor which looks like diamonds and indicates a kind of resource vein.

Most of the resources are either ferrite or copper which makes life easier. Simply move to the copper ones and farm with the terrain manipulator and if the player is struggling to find the copper deposits they can move to the save beacon on any planetary structure.

This would create the chart in the nearby area and everything on the visor becomes available for use.

2. Making a portable refiner

To fix the ship in no man’s sky the player needs the metal plating, oxygen found in the small glowing plants. These can be attained by selecting them from the equipment section and build menu.

The player can place it whenever they like and then pick it up after the entire crafting is done. This is one of the large refiner recipes and is a very important step in the game.

3. Placing the copper in a refinery with the craft and fuel

The next step is to add copper and all the other resources that make it on the left and then the chromatic metal is available on the right.

Doing all that the key is to get plenty of farming of copper and then finding the copper deposits. The best way to locate these deposits is to “chart” an area and finding the most suitable planetary surfaces.

Then the player can use an analysis visor to find the deposits.

If this is being done for an en masse purpose the player might have to bring in a large amount of Ferrite dust for the Terrain manipulator to upgrade itself.

 What exactly is nms chromatic metal?

It is a processed metal alloy that is made up of a refiner from some of the most stellar metals like Copper, cadmium, Emeril, and Indium. The rare the stellar metal is the better the metal would be produced.

This metal is further used in the creation of some of the most advanced technologies. These are available for purchase in the Galactic terminals and can be requested to the Freighters from the pirates.

The infinite metal and beyond exploit is only possible with the presence of Indium in the Synthesis release. To get an infinite amount of the metal using only one or two refiners the player has to follow a certain procedure. The procedure is mentioned below-

1. The first step is to start with 4 times the normal amount of Indium and metal.

2. In the refiner put Indium as the first resource and then the chromatic metal which will finally produce 8 times Indium.

3. In another refiner put Indium in the first slot which would produce 8 times the chromatic metal which is leftover from the first step.

4. Repeat the entire process until a large amount of metal is produced.

Any refiner may need to make the timeless and the process quicker. All of the Indium and chromium should not be used right in the first step and it is a way of getting copper, cadmium, Emeril, or Indium.

Activated Indium does not work with this process and for pure ferrite, the player has to jump into the second refiner and the process will start again.

What is chromatic metal no man's sky?

Chromatic metal recipe

The most unfortunate part of this is that chromatic metal has to be manufactured and the player cannot find it prepared anywhere in the game. Crafting is one of the most efficient yet tedious jobs to do but it is an amazing way of keeping the stocks of the metal high.

The fastest way to prepare chromatic metal is already mentioned previously.

To farm the chromatic metal is a very slow process but all of it depends on the tracking of the metal which was listed previously in the game.

The use of ship by the player and setting up multiple refiners at once can speed up the entire process.

No mans sky copper

Copper is found on the planets in the orbiting yellow stars or it can be placed in the refiner as well. It can be found in the resource deposits and is also available in the galactic trade terminals.

Mining the copper deposits is also a way to secure a large amount of copper and it can be done with the help of the mineral extraction and the survey device.

Copper is one of the most important ingredients because it is further used for the crafting of several products in the game like Aeration membrane, filtration unit, Artemis Translator.

Beam Intensifier, Blaze Javilion Drill Away, Impact damage omega, and several others.

The copper produced can also be sold in the marketplace of the game and the Korvax may also demand 10 of the copper for a word in their native language.


No man’s sky is one such game that takes out several versions and updates regularly and a player of this game cannot stop playing it.

There are many different ways of completing the various steps of the game and they can be performed efficiently with the help of the various available articles. The no man’s sky chromatic metal is the most recent and updated version.




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