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Connect Powerbeats Pro Headphones To Windows 10 Easily

Do you have a Powerbeats Pro headphone but do not know how to connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10? Then let me tell you that there is a very simple and easy process to connect your Powerbeats Pro headphones with your Windows 10 powered PC.

I shall discuss every possible procedure of connecting a Powerbeats Pro headphone with a Windows 10 computer in this article. So read the full article to clear all your questions related to this problem.

How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10

How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10
How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10

So you have a Windows 10 laptop, or desktop; and a Powerbeats Pro headphone, but you do not know how to connect Powerbeats Pro to a laptop, or desktop, right?

So throw out all the worries and read carefully the steps I mentioned below to connect your Powerbeats Pro headphone with your PC successfully.

  • Before starting the procedure, turn off the headphones completely.
  • Once the headphones are turned off, press and hold the power buttons unless you see the indicator lights are blinking. Once you see the lights blinking, it means the headphone is now on pairing mode.
  • Now open your PC’s Bluetooth Settings.
  • Now click on Add a new device.
  • Select the Powerbeats Pro headphone.
  • Click OK.

Now the headphones are paired with your Windows 10 PC.

NOTE: Make sure that at the time of pairing, the headphone’s indicator lights keep blinking. If the blinking stops, it means it has quit the pairing mode.

How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Mac

If you have a Mac computer instead of a Windows 10 PC and you want to know how to connect Powerbeats Pro to Mac, then follow the steps stated below.

  • First of all, turn the headphones off completely.
  • Press and hold the power button unless the status lights start blinking.
  • Then click Apple Menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth
  • Select your Powerbeats Pro headphones from the discovered Bluetooth devices’ list.

Powerbeats Pro Left Ear Not Working

Is your Powerbeats Pro left ear not working? Are you thinking about how to fix the Powerbeats Pro on one side not working issue? Then read the method stated below to know the procedure of Powerbeats pro troubleshooting to fix this issue.

There are several processes there to fix this issue. I am giving you the methods of them one by one.

Reset The Headphones

Reset The Headphones
Reset The Headphones

Sometimes resetting automatically fixes this issue.

  • Put the earbuds in its case.
  • Close and open the case lid.
  • Press and hold its system button unless you see the LED light is flashing in white and red.
  • Release the system button.
  • Repair the earbuds with your device.

Update Firmware

You will need the Beats Updater App to do this. Install the app on your computer.

  • Open the Beats Updater App.
  • Follow Instructions.
  • Connect the charging case of the earbuds through the lighting cable.
  • Update manually the firmware, if it is not updated automatically.

Turn Off Auto Ear Detection

  • Open the Settings of the device which Powerbeats Pro earbuds are connected with.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Click/tap the i icon beside the Powerbeats Pro.
  • Toggle off the Automatic Ear Detection option.

Unable To Connect  Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10? (Fixes)

Here I shall discuss all the Powerbeats Pro, not connecting issues. So if you can’t connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10, read this!

One of the main reasons for the failed pairing of Powerbeats pro earbuds is Outdated Bluetooth Drivers. So if you are having issues with pairing your earbuds with your Windows 10 PC, check the drivers of the computer. And if you find the Bluetooth Drivers are outdated, try to update them.

NOTE: There is no Powerbeats Pro Windows 10 driver which you can use instead of updating the Bluetooth Drivers. It is the Bluetooth Drivers of the PC which actually works while connecting the Powerbeats Pro earbuds.

The next is the problem called Unable To Connect With Bluetooth.

If your Powerbeats Pro earbuds is showing in the found Bluetooth devices’ list and still those are not pairing with your PC, then the problem is occurring most likely for one of the following reasons –

  • The earbuds are connected to another device. In this case, first disconnect them from that device and try to reconnect.
  • The earbuds are not charged well. In this case, first charge them and try to reconnect.
  • You must have taken a long time. In this case, try to finish the connecting process within 15 to 20 seconds. If the light on the earbuds stops blinking, then restart the process from the beginning again.
  • There must be some issues with the Powerbeats pro firmware. In this case, try to update the firmware, or reset the earbuds.

Connect  Powerbeats Pro To iPhone

Connect  Powerbeats Pro To iPhone
Connect  Powerbeats Pro To iPhone

Here I shall tell you how to connect Powerbeats Pro to iPhone.

There are no major changes between the process of connecting Powerbeats Pro to an iPhone and to some other devices like Windows or Mac PC.

  • Put your Powerbeats Pro earbuds in its case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth from your iPhone.
  • Unlock the phone, open the case lid, and put it at less than 2 inches distance from your iPhone.
  • Follow the instructions appeared on your iPhone screen.

Powerbeats Pro Connected But No Sound

Are your Powerbeats Pro connected but no sound is coming? First of all check volume level. if there is enough volume set but still you cannot hear any sound, then go for a reset of the earbuds, or update the firmware.


How Do I Connect My Powerbeats Pro To My PC?

Turn on the earbuds until the status light starts blinking, open the Bluetooth settings from your PC, click Add A New Device, find your earbuds from the available devices list, and click OK.

Does Powerbeats Pro Work With Windows 10?

Yes. Powerbeats Pro earphones do work with Windows 10. But you have to pair the earbuds first with the Windows 10 powered PC to use them on the device.

Can You Connect Beats To Windows 10?

Yes. First of all, you have to turn on the earbuds by pressing and holding the power button unless you see the status lights are blinking. Then you have to open the Bluetooth settings from the Windows 10 powered PC.

As the next step, you have to click Add A New Device or Add A Device option. Then from the available devices’ list option, you have to find out your Powerbeats Pro earbuds and click OK.

To Wrap It Up

I think after reading this article, all the queries and doubts of yours related to connecting Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 are cleared and now you are able to connect your earbuds with your Windows 10 laptops and desktops without any problems. All the best and happy listening!




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