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Learning How To Content-Aware Fill Photoshop

Do you also have many photos in your gallery that you wish were different? It is impossible to get a clear shot of some things or a beautiful picture because there are many different distractions as far as the eye can see. To remove these excess or distracting objects from an image, content-aware fill photoshop can be used.

Photoshop is far better than alternatives in many circumstances and it is still used in industrial business when it comes to adjusting the images in terms of pixels.

There are many different features in Photoshop that can be sued to remove objects but because of AI, the new content-aware workspace is helping.

This article will deal with the content-aware feature, its implications, its use, and how it is beneficial. The location of the tool can also be used.

What Is Content-Aware Fill Photoshop Tool?

The content-aware fill photoshop tool helps to control the editing process which was once fully automated. As with all the tools, this tool is also far from perfect whenever an image has a very complex process.

If you want to get done with the consuming selection as easy as possible then this tool can help in saving potential time. We will further look at where this tool is placed and how it can be used.

How Do I Use Content Aware Fill In Photoshop 2021?

Many users who got to know about this tool have been asking since then “How do I use content-aware fill in Photoshop 2021?” On the surface using this tool is very easy if the user aims to just remove objects from a background.
Removing objects from a simple background

How Do I Use Content Aware Fill In Photoshop 2021
How Do I Use Content Aware Fill In Photoshop 2021

There is a particular procedure that is to be followed to remove objects from the simple background. To do this the user has to-
Open the image that needs removal and then create a duplicate layer of the image.

The duplicate layer is created so that in case of destructive editing no harm is done to the main image.
Further, make a selection around the object that is to be removed.
Any selection tool can be used for the previous step. The most preferable is the lasso tool which does not need the selection to be perfect.

Once the selection is made, the content-aware tool needs to be activated.
It is located in the Edit> Content-Aware Fill.
The new workspace of the 2021 version opens up.

The first thing that comes up is a box with a green mask which is the sample form of the object that is to be removed.
The zoom tool can be used as much as needed.

Up until now, the content-aware tool used to do everything automatically. The user had to either live with the results or have a dialog box with controls. On the toolbar, the mask can be adjusted and the color adjustment level can then be used to change the output settings.

There are many new features in the 2021 workspace that can benefit the user in many ways. The content-aware photoshop cs6did does not have such features and therefore, did not give many desirable results. The newly added tools which are used in this version are-

  • Scaling makes the details large enough to fit in and then mirroring them back and forth.
  • Color adaptation asks to blend the colors in the image.
  • The output settings help the user to choose a new layer on the current layer as a mask. The auto settings are good to start with to learn about the intricacies of the basic tool.

Object Removal On A Complex Background

In the case of the complex backgrounds, the process gets a little trickier. The selection of the object becomes difficult and the Magic Wand tool along with the lasso tool has to be used. The auto function in Photoshop does not do well in the case of complex backgrounds.


The auto option takes up a lot of unnecessary information like pulling pixels and the custom settings come into play. To avoid the tool from absorbing unnecessary information the user can-

The first option is to select the custom settings in the workspace or using the brush which is located right to the add or subtracts brush from the auto settings. Whatever option is chosen, it should be ensured that photoshop is given enough pixels to work with. The sampling area does not need to be attached to the objects directly and any content can be filled in the image.

When To Not Use The Content-Aware Fill Tool?

There are many images in which the content-aware tool does not work and in such cases, the users ask “Why can’t I use content-aware fill?” In some of the images, the errors are not seen until the image is closely looked upon. Some of the content is duplicated automatically

The content-aware tool is not limited to removing objects but can also be used to fix a composition. It can be used to add content on the black canvas area and can be done by extrapolating from the other areas of the image

The lasso tool is used to select the object and then since the auto settings do not always work well, the custom option is used, the sampling area should always be kept off the subject. The move tool can be used from the left-hand strip or the Command V can be used to move the image on the canvas.

An empty canvas area should be present from where the image is moved and the Marquis tool helps to switch to the blank area. Photoshop also has the feature to fill up the blank area with the control and it does a pretty magical job of extrapolating and then filling in.

How Does Content Aware Fill Work?

Learning about “How does content-aware fill work?” is very easy and does not take up a lot of time. This tool works by removing an object from the background either by creating a duplicate layer in the background by dragging it onto the new layer icon.

How Does Content Aware Fill Work
How Does Content Aware Fill Work

The object should then be selected via the lasso tool and a rough selection is made around the image. Once the image is selected the edit fill option from the drop-down menu is selected to remove the selection. This can further be tried with some other images for a better understanding. This tool also works in case of fixing a composition or adding images to a blank page.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the content-aware fill tool?

The content-aware tool will help you to fill an area of the image with new information based on the surrounding pixels, it can also be used to remove objects or extending backgrounds without cloning the parts manually.

Which version has the content-aware tool?

The content-aware tool was first introduced in Photoshop CS5 and with time it has been evolving in the upcoming versions. The latest version of content-aware fill photoshop works the best until now as it has many new developments.

How do I use the content-aware tool in Photoshop 2021?

Select the area that is to be filled and then go to the menu to edit and then chose the content-aware fill option. The output can further be tuned using the options that appear in the control fill panel.

Why can’t I use the content-aware fill?

If the option of using the content-aware fill is not coming up then, the user should check the layer they are working on. Sometimes the layer is not locked and, in this case, the adjustment layer does not become the smart object. The selection activation should also be checked to look at where the tool is to be applied.


The content-aware fill photoshop tool is continuously evolving with every new version and the AI is getting better. It is designed to make our life easier and faster by saving as much time as possible.

How much time it saved depends on the image that is chosen. The content-aware tool makes a lot of sense if the automated tools are used before but in the case of manually using these tools, it is difficult to adapt to.

The complex backgrounds will always need a lot of trial and error before finalizing and the simple backgrounds might be worked on well with this tool. This article answers the most common questions about using this tool which include ‘How do I use content-aware fill in Photoshop 2021?’ and ‘Why can’t I use content-aware fill?’.

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