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Know How To Fix Avast Ui Failed To Load Windows 10 1803

Avast is one of the largest used antivirus software for PCs and mobile phones. And as it ages its Avast Ui Failed To Load Windows 10 1803 popularity is soaring with popularity.

However, multiple users have complained while using its latest version 18.4.2388 and 18.3.2333 on Windows 10 1803 are troubled by the error called “UI failed to load and AV service is not responding”. 

It is difficult to determine what is actually causing this error and even its developers are aware of it and assured that they are trying to fix this.

However, we understand the problem when avast ui failed to load windows 10 1803 which is exactly why we have provided several solutions in this article.

Just follow it and you might be able to get rid of this error in the blink of an eye.

Avast UI Failed To Load Windows 10 1803

In case your Avast Ui is not opening, this is what you can do-

Step 1– Open the Windows Service Interface.

Step 2– Change the service launch type of Remote Desktop Services to Automatic from Manual.

Step 3– Now change its status to Running. 

Trying this might fix your issue.

How To Fix Ui Failed To Load Error On Avast?

If your UI failed to load error on Avast. There is a fix that you can apply to it. All you need to do is just follow these steps-

Step 1– Open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows+R on your keyboard.

Step 2– As the run dialogue box opens type services.msc in it and press the enter button on your keyboard.

Step 3– Now as the Service Console opens, try and locate ‘Remote Desktop Service’.

Step 4– At the end, double-click and set its Startup Type to “Automatic” and make sure the service is running.

After doing this fix, we are hoping you wouldn’t see the Avast Antivirus Failed to load UI error anymore. 

UI Failed To Load Avast Premier

This is another error that users have encountered recently. In case you are getting this “UI failed to load Avast Premier” error, every time you are trying to use Avast and nothing is helping, then you can try these methods given below.

Avast Ui Failed To Load Windows 10 1803

For some users, these methods have been known to help those who also faced the same issue.

How To Remove Avast From Macos

Removing Avast from the MacOS might actually help at times. Although MAC is also required to be cleaned from viruses, there is some virus for Mac that is only rare.

That is why there is no urgent need to run an antivirus system to monitor real-time action as Windows OS. Therefore you can easily remove Avastfrom MacOs to resolve issues of error. 

Just follow these steps-

Step 1– Go to the main Avast Window.

Step 2– Click on the Antivirus icon from the Menu bar.

Step 3– Open the Avast Item from the left corner at the top.

Step 4– Now click on Uninstall Avast.

Step 5– Click the Uninstall button.

Step 6– Now put in the Mac administration password and press enter to complete the process.

Your Avast Antivirus is successfully uninstalled from MacOs.

Best Way To Remove Avast From Android

The way you can remove Avast from MacOs you can also remove Avast from Android smartphones as well. This is much easier. Just follow these steps-

Step 1– First of all tap and hold the Avast app icon on your Android smartphone and drag to the uninstall or delete icon.

Step 2– This will uninstall the Avast application from your android phone.

Step 3– Or you can try opening Settings> Apps> Open Avast> Tap on Install.

Step 4– Once you uninstall it you can reinstall it later and sign in with your id and password.

This also helps in solving the issue.

Why Is Avast Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working?

This is another issue with the latest update of Avast on Windows 10, it’s start menu is randomly stopping. The reason for this is still unknown, although the developers are looking through the thing.

You can try to uninstall the application and reinstall it to see if the problem is resolved.

Other Issues With Avast 18.4

In case Avast has all its shields disabled in the first place after it is installed, just restarting it may fix the issue. However, it may lead Shield control to show the wrong “Enable all shields” error too.

The developers at Avast are aware of this issue and assured that they are definitely going to fix this issue by the June Update.

On selecting Registration information richt click menu item of Avast tray icon displays the Avast Interface. You should keep in mind that this is just a bug and there will be no answer from Avast regarding this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I fix UI failed to load on Avast?

To fix Avast loading on UI follow these steps- 

Step 1- Firstly, write Services in the Search bar of your PC that is beside the start button.

Step 2- Open Services from the list.

Step 3- Now try and look for and select Remote Desktop Services.

Step 4- Now choose Properties.

Step 5- Now choose the General tab.

Step 6- Restart your computer.

2. How do I fix my UI on Avast?

In order to fix UI on Avast, you need to do it as directed- First Go to the Control Panel > Settings> Programs > Programs and Features. Now you need to click on the Uninstall/Change button. 

And to end the process, click on Change and Repair. This is expected to fix the issue if it doesn’t try some other method we have discussed in the article. 

3. Why is Avast not working Windows 10?

It might happen because of two reasons- either it is a bug issue for which you need to contact customer service or your PC is not compatible with Avast.

4. Why is my Avast not opening?

To fix this follow these steps-

Services Console> Remote Desktop Services to Automatic> Apply> Restart your pc

To Wrap Up

Avast is one of the best antivirus software in the market and has a huge customer base globally. It continuously updates itself to provide a better UI to its users like other software.

However, certain updates such as 18.4.2388 or 18.3.2333 are found to have multiple issues with Windows 10 1803 update. The developers of Avast have already done things in order to fix this issue, however, in case you are faced with avast ui failed to load windows 10 1803, you can try your own fix.

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