As the apex legends game was launched in the market, many gamers have been reporting a few errors that they have faced continuously. Among many of the errors the APEX CONNECTION TO SERVER TIMED OUT error is the newest and has surfaced recently.

The playing of the game has become a tedious task because of the various connectivity issues and no matter the device on which the game is being played whether it is Xbox, Playstation, or a personal computer the error is the same.

Many users of the game have reported that soon after the loading is done, the error comes up and the device shows “apex legends connection to server timed out” and the game can also freeze in between, and then the error comes.

The technical team of the company is working to resolve the issue but for some instant fixes until a permanent solution is provided the user can try out the methods mentioned below.

How To Fix The Apex Legends Unable To Connect To Ea Servers Issue?

If the game is acting and showing up the error of the connection of the device to the game server then the fixes can be tried.

1. Restarting The Device

This is one of the easiest and basic ways to solve the error and it works magically in many cases unbothered by the device on which the game is being played.

The cause of the apex unable to connect error, in this case, can be the presence of certain applications which can affect the functioning of the game. After restarting the device check if the error is resolved.


2. Ensuring A Smooth Network Connection

This method can also be used in many cases as Apex legends is an online game and sometimes the apex legends out of sync with server pc issues come up on the screen. In such a case, the game data is unable to connect to the real-time servers.

This can be the cause of the poor network connection or show the error. If the internet connection is not stable, then after fixing the issue, the user can try and use the game via wi-fi. APEX CONNECTION TO SERVER TIMED OUT

3. Flush The DNS

Some of the users have reported that the connections of the game vanish once the servers are flushed. To do this the user needs to-

1. Go to the windows start menu and search “cmd”.

2. Right-click on the command and then select to run it as an administrator.

3. Type the required commands one by one.

After going through the process, the user can launch the game and see if the error vanishes, and then move on to the next fix. The apex legends error can be solved by following this method.

4. Running The Game As An Administrator

Most of the time when the game is not run as an administrator, the proper access to the game is not available and this makes the game file errors and crashes. To play with the game as administrator the user needs to-

1. Right-click on the origin icon.

2. Select the option to run as an administrator.

3. Click on the pop-up window to provide all the necessary privileges.

5. Restart The Audio Service

Sometimes the users have complained that the apex legends keep disconnecting and this might be because of the failure of the audio connection to run the game properly. To fix this issue manually and restart the entire service the user can-

1. Launch the game.

2. While the game is being played, try and go back to the desktop and press the Windows + R key to open the dialog box.

3. Type services. msc and then press the Enter button.

4. Locate the audio point builder service and then click on stop.

5. After confirming the popup-up then click on yes so that the service can start all over again.

6. Clear The Game Cache

Many users have reported that apex legends starting server error can be resolved by clearing the cache. Not just this error but many other simple errors can be resolved with this solution. To do this the user can-

1. Exit the game and the application.

2. Click on the Windows+ R key.

3. In the Run box, type the required command.

4. Open the dialog box and then the original folder and then delete all the contents.

5. Repeat step 2.

6. The App data folder will come up and then the folder can be renamed as a local one.

7. Open and delete the folder that is named as the origin.


This method will most probably clear the cache of the game Apex legends. This solution has been helpful for many users of the game and after completing the step, the user can restart the device and check if the issue has been resolved.

7. The Apex legends error has stopped many players from playing or even getting into the game. No official fix is yet generated for the error and one can try and fix it while trying to verify the game files within the steam.

This method does take up a lot of time and the user might even need to log in after syncing with the error. Another option is to close the game on steam and then opened on steam again.

8. To answer the how to fix connection timeout issue, the players need to go to the setting tab of the game after its launch. After opening the application the user can go into the video tab then scroll down to the texture budget. After the streaming and texture budget is set, then the error should be resolved.

Turning the texture off to fix the time-out and out-of-sync server problem can result in a lower resolution of the game and some of the players might have to sacrifice the quality of the game to fix the technical issue.


Apex Legends out of sync with the server is an issue that can cause problems in the functioning of the game and it has become a giant in the gaming world.

Though it looks like a surface-level problem in the game and the developed has not yet developed a permanent solution for the game, the players do not have a lot of power to solve the issue. The players can use the remedies that are mentioned above to solve the issue.




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