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8 Tips to Optimize Your Videos for Mobile

We spend a lot of our time on mobile phones. Although we do work on laptops for a better part of the day, for entertainment we always look for our phones. 

The way a video looks on a laptop is completely different from a phone. In a world that has gone digital and we are relying so much on social media, content creators must know how to make optimized videos for mobile. In this case, a free video maker can help to create a promo video that is suitable to watch on mobiler.

This article will help the budding content creators to optimize their videos for mobile for a better audience experience. Read on to know more!

  1. Short videos over long ones

While using a mobile phone, we expect entertainment to drive our minds away from our everyday life. 

Short-form content is popular among people today as our attention span has become shorter. After a hectic day, we do not want heavy and lengthy videos, so make sure that your videos are short and crisp.

Keep the topic of your discussion narrow and focused. Try to make a video within 60-90 seconds with one point of discussion. You can always go for more videos for various points of discussion but always keep them short. 

A free video maker can help you to create short video content easily. It helps to engage people as they can watch your video time and again. If the video is long, they may even ignore it the first time. 

  1. Aspect ratio 

Aspect ratio is extremely important while you optimize videos for mobile. It means presenting video in the horizontal or vertical style, landscape, square, vertical, or full portrait style. 

Instagram usually recommends a 4:5 vertical or a 1:1 square ratio. Your video should cover the entire screen instead of just a part of it. Youtube videos are made in landscape ratio hence they are always in horizontal shape. When we watch a Youtube video on our mobiles, we have to turn our phone to experience it properly and not many people may like it. 

Here, any editing software, even a free online video editor, offers tools to easily change the aspect ratio. So always go for the optimal ratio for each platform. 

  1. Call-to-action

You might have heard at the end of every video the call to Like, Share, and Subscribe to the channel. This is exactly what a CTA (call-to-action) is. CTA encourages people to perform some action, be it to fill a survey at the end of the video, click on a featured content in the video, or just like the video. 

This is an important step for further engagement of your site, channel, or profile. If you are reviewing a product in your video, you can also add a swipe-up option or a link to redirect to a different page.  

  1. Engaging thumbnails

A thumbnail is the cover of a video that people see immediately. It should be engaging with a preview picture and text so that the audience gets an idea about what the video is all about. 

Make sure you have an impressive preview shot as your thumbnail and large text so that people can easily read it among tons of other videos. If the thumbnail is eye-catching, then the audience will definitely want to watch your video. But, if it is the other way round, they may ignore it and keep on scrolling. 

  1. Audio independence 

Watching a video with the volume high in a public sphere can be quite embarrassing. A lot of times people don’t watch the video with the audio on. So, if the video is easy to understand even without sound then it will enhance the overall experience of the content consumers. 

Your videos should contain visuals that are not only interesting but also self-explanatory. You can also add subtitles and captions to explain your ideas. Any editing software, even a free video maker, allows you to do this easily. It will impact the quality of your video positively within a few seconds. 

  1. Engaging content 

The most important part of videos is the interesting and engaging content. Otherwise, people would not like to return to your profile again. Use quick cuts and constant movement as if you have a story to tell. 

For instance, vlogs have become pretty popular as they show the audience the lifestyle of their favorite celebrity or influencer. Their to and fro movement, going to different places, using different angles, and cuts amuse people. So this type of content is usually well engaged.

You can also provide different viewpoints in your videos, something that people have never thought of. This makes the audience come back to your profile for more engaging content. 

  1. Preview on mobile  

The videos are usually watched on mobiles but the editing is all done on the laptop. When uploading a video, you should preview it once on the phone to see how it looks on the phone screen. 

For instance, the subtitles on the lower side of the video can easily be seen on a laptop screen. But while watching the video on a phone, they are not even visible. These small things can ruin the experience and make the audience skip your videos at once. So make sure to preview it properly and fix the problems in time.

8.Video Watermark Removers

Video watermark remover is a web-based tool that quickly removes watermarks from videos. You can delete watermarks, dates, texts, logos, or subtitles from the video without lowering the video quality. The best video watermark removers even allow you to edit, crop, trim, flip, add sound effects, and compress videos to make your videos stand out

Final thoughts 

The most important thing while making content is to always think of your audience and what they want. So, creating videos that are both engaging and pleasant to watch on mobile devices is an important task. If you want to save time and money while doing so, you can try a free video maker. Also, follow the above-mentioned tips and you’re good to go!

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