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7 Steps to Creating Compelling Instagram Video Content

Looking to grow your business by marketing it on Instagram? If so, you will have to make it a point to create top-quality and compelling Instagram video content. You might be wondering why?

That’s because there’s not just cut-throat competition on the platform, but the audiences here are super tuned-in to what they prefer seeing and what they do not want in their feed. And then there’s an Instagram algorithm that makes it even more difficult for businesses to stand out in the space.

So, what is the summary of the above details? Simple- you will have to chuck out the right action plan for shooting, editing, and publishing your video for creating quality content. This will definitely get you better numbers.

Focus on innovation. This is important because if you are not moving forward, you will definitely slip backward. And no one wants this, right? A few important tips that will help you generate engaging Instagram video content so your fans are compelled to follow you are as under, you can use the Instagram video editor for this purpose.

1. Work on a Specific Goal

Even before shooting the video frame, you need to decide on the structure and the purpose of your Instagram visual content. This entails figuring out the goal of your content.

Do you have plans to drive visitors to your site for making purchases? Do you want more followers? Or are you willing to teach people how to do a certain thing? Or are you making the video to keep viewers engaged and talking about your brand?

Answering these questions specifically will get you to the main objective behind creating Instagram video content. This is important because it will have a major impact on how you shoot the video, the editing techniques you use, and the tags you use to gain attention.

  2. Be Brief: People Have Very Short Attention Span

Of course, Instagram has expanded the length of its video posts from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, but it does not necessarily mean that you have the obligation of using the entire 60 seconds.

No, you need not use the entire 60 seconds as it can make your video dull. Remember, people have a very short attention span. They are inundated with different varieties of content regularly.

So, when planning the structure of your content, make sure your videos are short and informative so the viewers will not tune you out. Make the first scene compelling to hook the prospects. Also, include attention-grabbing text in this scene.

Try experimenting with movement. Include real motion in the first few seconds of the video, even if you are using a slideshow effect. This will offer you a more dynamic visual, thus increasing your chances of stopping people in the middle of their scrolls.

3. Do Not Use Too Much of Text

It is always a good idea to incorporate text in your video. This should be done by default, considering that Instagram videos appear muted. Hence, captions help businesses in getting their message across even if their audio is off.

This might appear as a simple detail, but it does have the power to significantly increase engagement. One word of caution here is not using too much text. Whatever text you are using, make sure it is quickly and easily digestible. Failing to do so might scare the people off.

4. Plan Your Content

Coming up with planned content will help you reach your goal easily and quickly. Consider the type of video content that will truly align with the products and services you are offering. Also, create content by keeping the taste and the preferences of your audience in mind. Consider what they want to see.

If you successfully pinpoint what you are as a brand and what type of content your target audience will like to engage in, nothing can stop you from honing in and creating top-quality content right from the beginning.

Get hold of your business niche and dedicate all your efforts to that particular niche, and you will definitely be able to reap the greatest benefits.

5. Organization Is the Key

The more organized you are in handling your time and your content, the better results will come your way. You can start the process by creating a complete list of all the things you are looking to post on your Instagram account.

Ensure going for variety to keep the audience entertained. Next, work on this time-saving tip of planning out your shoot for specific days. Batch all your shoots in one place as this will also help you save a huge amount of time.

6. Try Out Different Formats

Mixing up things and trying out varied formats are procedures that pay off in the long run. Do not neglect the different varieties of content formats that you can use on Instagram. Have your hands on carousel posts for sharing ten images at one go.

There is no harm in mixing up varied formats and experimenting with the same as you always have the option to edit your posts if you find certain errors. 

7. Pay Close Attention to Balance and Contrast

If you want your video to stand out on Instagram, make sure it possesses contrasting elements. The contrast here refers to shapes, colors, light, exposure, fonts, white spaces, scale, and many more things.

Getting the right contrast that will make your content pop is completely upon you. And remember, it is one of the most important steps in getting followers to engage with your visual content.

Try playing around with different effects and filters. More often than not, the only thing required to make your Instagram video content stand out is adjusting brightness, saturation, temperature, and contrast.

The Bottom Line

Touching on subjects relevant to the followers will always let you generate compelling content for Instagram. You need to ensure your video content for the platform is of the highest quality, so your brand appears professional to the viewers.

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