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5 Phases to Build a Software: Step by Step Guide from Syndicode Company

Software development was once a process that is not definitive. However, with advances in technology, software development steps can be predicted. The time between the ideation of a software product and its actual implementation is called the software development life cycle. 

There are definitive steps that must be taken to successfully develop software. We will elucidate the 5 basic steps in software development. Before we fully consider them, it is important to note that success can be achieved when the best software development company is hired. 

Now let’s get into the drill, what are the software development process steps? 

1. Brainstorming

Generating an innovative and outstanding idea is the initiator of software development steps. There has been a surge of novel ideas and creative solutions in recent times. The tech space is becoming more competitive and disruptive than ever before. A lot must go into the idea generation for the project to meet needs.

Brainstorming involves the collection, screening, expansion, and fine-tuning of ideas. All of these processes must be done to the specific need of the market. Software development steps should not be taken outside the market need or a specific business need. A solution that solves no problem is just a waste. 

The final part of this step is to plan the development steps. Planning has to do with analyzing the requirements of the project and setting up resources that will be needed to see it completed. The planning mainly entails laying the foundation that will guide all the other steps.

2. Design

The refined idea generated in the brainstorming stage is now developed into a prototype at the design stage. Meanwhile, an offshoot of the brainstorming stage is a feasibility study. To develop a software you must think through the necessary details like what software development company to use, how long should it take, and what should be the details of the design. 

The design team will create a software document and a wireframe for the next stage to proceed smoothly. The designing stage of the software development steps is to bring the idea to a tangible state. It is what the designer produces that will be built on by the development team.

There must be coherence between the result of brainstorming and the output of the design stage. The project manager must ensure clear communication and mutual understanding of what is to be done.

3. Development

At this point, the software development process can proceed into coding. The design has provided the foundation upon which the software edifice can be laid. The development stage entails the programming part of the software. The backend and frontend codes are written. This is the longest part of the software development steps.

The software requirements laid in the last two steps are followed to build the expected product. The success of this stage is dependent on the quality of the planning and the design. Once the right information has been passed on to the development team, then this stage will not be much of a burden. 

4. Testing

The fourth step to develop a software is testing. This stage is aimed at proofing what the developer has delivered as being in line with the requirement. The testing step of developing a software also checks that there is no error or functioning failure in the final product. 

The software will be tested by the quality assurance team to ensure its functionality. The team will also ensure that it is designed in accordance with the established requirements and standards. The evaluative tool will be the software document and the project plan in this case. 

The final software delivered must be in tandem with the outlined specifications. The QA team may utilize automated testers or real-time testers to test the software. Any errors, malfunctions, or deviations from the expected outcome must be addressed at this point. After these issues are resolved, the software can be made available for the next step.

5. Release

After the software has been tested, the next phase is the deployment or release. The development steps can be said to terminate at this stage when the software is ready for full usage. Depending on what the software is purposed for, there are some necessities for the release. 

One of the necessary actions is to set up a server for the software. There must be a secure backend that keeps the software live for smooth usage. Maintenance is another important thing that must be prioritized. The release of the software is not the final bit, it must be kept running without downtime. 

There must be hands on deck to keep the software updated and operational. This is a post-release stage that keeps the developed software in use. There are three main forms of maintenance that must not be neglected for your software. 

These three are; corrective, preventive, and adaptive maintenance. The first deals with any bug or error that may ensue during usage. The second keeps the software from crashing and the third keeps it relevant.



You have been intimated about how to create software from scratch. Depending on the specifics of the software development project, each step will be tailored to meet your demands. At Syndicode, we major on your particular needs and what solution you want the software to provide. 

To achieve this, every part of the development steps is laced with feedback and efficient communication. We are not a software development company because of us, but we are in business because of you. The priority is to make your idea into the software you will be proud to deploy. 

Conclusively, there are 5 basic phases to developing software. The starting point is generating the idea and brainstorming to refine it. The second phase is the designing, which is the conceptualization of the idea into a prototype. The development stage follows that and then comes the testing. Finally, the tested and certified software is released for integration and deployment. 

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