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5 Best Languages To Learn After English

Everybody is after learning English these days, but there are more international languages that you can learn and get effective results. Why does a person discover a language? The reason is higher study, better communication, promotion of business, or getting a job. So, more languages open the window for us to get more opportunities.

For example, if you want to learn Spanish, you can have a good. You can learn Spanish from books, online courses, video lessons, podcasts, etc. But what if you want to learn Spanish quickly? If you are looking for the best Spanish learning methods, you have to find your way here.

But these days, learning a new language is not challenging. Some online platforms provide tutors to teach you with proper guidelines. You can find English Tutors as well as French Tutors on Amazingtalker!

What are the languages you should learn?

We have selected the top 5 languages that have considerable acceptance worldwide, and more than a billion people talk in these languages. So, these will open some more windows for us. 


Spanish is a common language in Europe, and in other western countries, it is used as a second language. So, it has a lot of higher study and job opportunities in both Spain and Europe. 

On the whole, many people want to learn the Spanish language for their career. So, here we have collected some best online Spanish courses that will help you understand the Spanish language quickly.

We have selected some best online Spanish courses that will help you learn the Spanish language. These courses will guide you, and you can start learning them right now. You can also choose any one of these courses according to your needs.


French is another language with a lot of opportunities. We can get a massive response to this language from many countries. It is very well accepted for both job and education. Not only in France and Europe, but you can also use your skill in more places. 

French grammar is quite different from English grammar. It is not that easy to learn French grammar. There are some rules that you should follow. Or this language will seem harsh to you. 

France is a beautiful country with many things to see and do. It is an excellent place for people who want to come and start their careers. There are a lot of job opportunities that you can get with French language skills.


China is a hub of enormous business, and many job opportunities await you. Here if we learn Chinese, we can get an excellent chance to get a job or develop our business. So, learning Chinese is very important. 

Since it’s the most spoken language globally, it’s also the most popular language for international communication. If you plan to visit China, you should have the language skill here. 

You will need to learn the Chinese language for your interest. But, if you want to get a job in China, you should learn Chinese. So, you can use some guidance from a tutor to get a job in China.


German is another language that can open a new door for you in Europe. Only this language will allow you to do some new business and get a job nearby. 

With proper knowledge of this language, you will be able to communicate with people from this community. If you live in Europe, you will need to learn a language to share with your neighbors.

You can work as a translator and become a medium for English people. You can work as a teacher of English to native speakers. You can become a teacher of your language to develop your skill.


Japan is a hub for advanced research, education, and technological invention. Knowing Japanese is an excellent quality here, and we can get a great scope of work. 

Unquestionably, Japanese is the best language to learn for anyone who wants to study or work in Japan. It is a universal language that has been spoken in Japan for more than a thousand years. There is an enormous scope of higher education in Japan that is only possible if you know the language. 

The Japanese language is not only the official language of Japan but also the most widely spoken language in the world. You may face some trouble while learning, but it is a lovely language.

Last few words

Whatever the new language we learn, we have a new scope and opportunity. So, if we have decided to learn a new language, we can take assistance from any online platform to hire a tutor. AmazingTalker can be an excellent solution for getting a tutor from any language and comfortably continuing our journey. 



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